Lyelle is an online shopping destination launched by Nashville-resident Maryemma Sikes Warfield, in 2014.
“Memma” grew up spending summers in Santa Barbara, with the Santa Ynez Mountains over one shoulder
and the Pacific Ocean over the other. The breathtaking landscape along with the rugged
terrain of her childhood homes in Midland and Austin, Texas serve as constant inspiration
when sourcing extraordinary new products from around the world.
Memma also grew up riding horses, taking notes from her father, a polo player,
and her grandmother, who was a dressage rider well into her sixties. Their classic style
and free-spirit mentality also play into the store’s ethos, with every new piece
meant to evoke a sense of exploration and discovery.
Lyelle is a peek into this captivating world, offering customers a chance to share in the adventure along the way.

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