• The Ruffle Shawl-Tan
  • The Ruffle Shawl-Tan

The Ruffle Shawl-Tan

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100% Mongolian Cashmere. The secret to the luxurious softness, lightness and ability to store warmth of Mongolian cashmere is the actual fibre that comes from mountain goats living in the harsh weather conditions of Mongolia. Come spring, 250-300 grams of cashmere can be combed out from one goat. We guarantee this will be the softest cashmere you have ever felt, and with no itchiness. 

This particular style is meant to hang over the shoulders, shawl style.

Size: 32" from collar to bottom. 73" from end to end.

Cleaning instructions:

Handwash in water that is fairly tepid (between 68-86 degrees). Use a special cashmere cleaning soap, and gently dab the cashmere. Remove from water as soon as possible, after rinsing the item in the same water. Gently apply pressure to release some of the water, and leave to dry on a flat surface. If your item needs ironing, use a gentle steamer. Hanging your cashmere item may damage it, so we suggest keeping it folded after you take it off.

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